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Thread: Presence, Security and Multi-tenancy

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    Presence, Security and Multi-tenancy

    These are several questions which are all somewhat related:

    Is there a way to allow users to turn OFF their presence indicator? Some people don't want to be interrupted by chats or such when they are working.

    Is there a way for an admin to turn off presence for users or groups?

    Is there a way to prevent presence from being displayed globally for all users on a multi-tenant server? In other words, we need users in companyA to see each other's presence but NOT see the presence of the users in companyB. CompanyB users need to see their own presence but not the presence of users in companyA.

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    Hello Caldwell,

    Currently there is no support for multi-tenancy in Zarafa Web Meetings.
    So all users will be able to see each other in the main room.

    We are working on features to improve presence information, enabling users to change their statuses to 'away' or 'busy'.
    Presence can not be turned off for users or groups at this time.

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