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Thread: Very minor suggestion for improving the WebApp 2.2 style

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    Very minor suggestion for improving the WebApp 2.2 style


    I like the flat design but there is one thing that kind of annoys me a bit.
    I think the button shadows are way too hard.
    I would personally prefer something like this:

    IMO the current approach is kind of hard to separate from the actual button background (especially the grey ones) and looks a bit too old-school .
    I know it's the first beta and the styles are not yet finished, but i really wanted to give some feedback .
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    Hi Reichi,

    I've forwarded this to our designer.

    Regarding of the outcome thanks for your suggestion


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    Thank you!

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    Hi Rechi,

    Our designer did not favor this new style. I'm sorry.
    But there is good news though: In the future we will implement theming, so you could adjust small changes yourself


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    Hi Martyn, any update on when you guys will introduce Theme? I also have some couple of little changes to do which falls on same category as this post. Please update us if you can.

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    Hi marcusmohammad,

    themes is already introduced please read the announcement

    Kind regards,


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