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Thread: Help on adding Web Meetings final plugin

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    Help on adding Web Meetings final plugin

    I'm struggling here. I have followed the instructions several times, read and re-read, and still have the same issus. I can't seem to get past the 'ant deploy' part of the guide located here !.

    The error i get when using the 'ant deploy' is: Buildfile: build.xml does not exist!

    Is there another guide i need to using.
    Ubuntu 14.04
    zcp 7.2
    Webapps 2.2.0

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    Ok, im new on this forum, my name is Giacomo, im Italian guy and have a small server with Zarafa, MySQL and postfix.
    I have the same error when build Web Meetings.
    Anyone solved this issue ? where i find Spreed Webrtc with build.xml ?
    Im using zarafa Webapp and Web Meetings 1.2.
    Tank you all and sorry for my english.

    Explain my problem:
    I've downloaded with git from github and build spreed-webrtc with guide found on the git-hub and all is ok, if i run spreed-webrtc-server i get the page with all function up.

    Downloaded source code of webapp from and webmeetings source version 1.2 from the same site.
    Unpacked all (plugin and webapp) and moved webapp folder and spreed-webrtc compiled in plugin folder of webapp.
    From root of webapp folder i run "ant tools" and all is ok.

    When i go in plugin/spreed-webrtc and i run "ant deploy" i got the error: build.xml does not exist.
    If i run "ant deploy" in the root of webapp folder i get Build Complete but when i move zarafa-webmeetings folder from deploy to plugins of zarafa-webapp, im not able to log in zarafa-webapp.

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