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Thread: Upgrade from free to forhome

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    Upgrade from free to forhome

    Hello all,

    my System
    Debian 6

    I got now, that i have to change to "forhome"-version and still went trough registering and download process and got it: zcp-7.2.1-51838-debian-6.0-x86_64-forhome.tar.gz
    I read of some problems with upgrading at serching, licensing, webapps, and so on.

    Does anybody have experiences with upgrading this path?

    kind regards

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    Hi Connor,

    the old "free" edition and the new "for home" edition are still the same software, so there is no special upgrade path. So you only have to take into account the upgrade from 7.1 to 7.2.
    Regards Felix

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    If you use the debian packages, here are some things to account for, yes.

    I have to look it up, but i have a install script for debian, i have to re-test it for debian jessie first.

    The script take care of all know bugs in the latest zarafa version ( 7.2.1 ) and i mean in this case, wrong rights, missing folder(s),
    avoiding problems when using run-as_user/group, things like that.

    If you go through the forum, you should find all solutions also.
    They are all solvable, most problems are avoided for now if you dont run as a different user but root.

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