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Thread: Users created in Yaffas cannot login to webapp or webaccess

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    Users created in Yaffas cannot login to webapp or webaccess

    I have search tirelessly for the solution for this issue. It seems its the only issue I'm having thanks to this forum. I can see the created users in LDAP and ZAdmin. When I try to login Zarafa webapp or webaccess I get the error 'login failed: check your name/password'. I have a little experience in Ubuntu (using 14.04 LTS on this install). Could I get some insight or direction that I should go to find the solution?

    PS: If i create the users using zarafa-admin I can login and use Zarafa. That's after I get the too many options erros a few times.

    Ubuntu 14.04 LTS



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    This sounds strange. If zarafa-admin is able to create users which can be used for login afterwards, this sounds like Zarafa is configured to use MySQL as its user backend. This is not a setup which yaffas/Z-Admin supports, so I am wondering how it got there in the first place.
    Is this a fresh install or does the error occur after having updated your system?

    I suspect that ldap.yaffas.cfg either has the wrong content or is not used at all...

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    This is a fresh install. I have done several fresh installs and this is the problem on all of them. I have followed the Zadmin instructions line for line each time. I specified the mysql password in the installation and pressed enter for all the other prompts even when ldap was asking for a password. I will check the ldap.yaffas.cfg. if its not a lot i will post it.

    ---------- Post added ----------

    ldap_dynamicgroup_type_attribute_value = zarafa-dynamicgroup
    ldap_uri = ldap://
    ldap_quota_userwarning_recipients_attribute = zarafaQuotaUserWarningRecipients
    ldap_company_unique_attribute_type = text
    ldap_addressbook_hide_attribute = zarafaHidden
    ldap_user_type_attribute_value = posixAccount
    ldap_dynamicgroup_name_attribute = cn
    ldap_group_unique_attribute = cn
    ldap_emailaddress_attribute = mail
    ldap_loginname_attribute = uid
    ldap_userdefault_hardquota_attribute = zarafaUserDefaultQuotaHard
    ldap_quota_companywarning_recipients_relation_attr ibute =
    ldap_addresslist_type_attribute_value = zarafa-addresslist
    ldap_search_base = dc=yaffas,dc=local
    ldap_quota_multiplier = 1048576
    ldap_company_unique_attribute = ou
    ldap_groupmembers_attribute_type = name
    ldap_nonactive_attribute = zarafaSharedStoreOnly
    ldap_resource_type_attribute = zarafaResourceType
    ldap_user_sendas_relation_attribute = distinguishedName
    ldap_object_search_filter =
    ldap_addresslist_unique_attribute_type = text
    ldap_user_unique_attribute_type = text
    ldap_company_system_admin_attribute_type = text
    ldap_groupname_attribute = cn
    ldap_dynamicgroup_search_filter =
    ldap_group_unique_attribute_type = text
    ldap_authentication_method = bind
    ldap_sendas_attribute_type = dn
    ldap_port = 636
    ldap_company_admin_relation_attribute =
    ldap_addresslist_search_base_attribute = zarafaBase
    ldap_company_view_attribute = zarafaViewPrivilege
    ldap_object_type_attribute = objectClass
    ldap_group_scope = sub
    ldap_resource_capacity_attribute = zarafaResourceCapacity
    ldap_groupmembers_relation_attribute = uid
    ldap_company_admin_attribute_type = text
    ldap_group_search_filter = (&(objectClass=posixGroup)(!(|(cn=yaffasmail)(cn=b kusers)(cn=Domain Admins)(cn=Print Operators)(cn=Domain Users)(cn=Domain Computers)(cn=Domain Guests)(cn=Administrators)(cn=Account Operators)(cn=Backup Operators)(cn=Replicators)(cn=nogroup))))
    ldap_user_unique_attribute = uid
    ldap_hardquota_attribute = zarafaQuotaHard
    ldap_quota_userwarning_recipients_attribute_type = text
    ldap_addresslist_unique_attribute = cn
    ldap_group_security_attribute = zarafaSecurityGroup
    ldap_bind_passwd = U0GJ9nH1nVjs2
    ldap_protocol = ldaps
    ldap_userdefault_quotaoverride_attribute = zarafaUserDefaultQuotaOverride
    ldap_quotaoverride_attribute = zarafaQuotaOverride
    ldap_user_sendas_attribute_type = dn
    ldap_server_charset = utf-8
    ldap_fullname_attribute = displayName
    ldap_companyname_attribute = ou
    ldap_host = localhost
    ldap_sendas_relation_attribute = distinguishedName
    ldap_softquota_attribute = zarafaQuotaSoft
    ldap_group_security_attribute_type = boolean
    ldap_company_view_relation_attribute =
    ldap_userdefault_warnquota_attribute = zarafaUserDefaultQuotaWarn
    ldap_addresslist_filter_attribute = zarafaFilter
    ldap_password_attribute = userPassword
    ldap_company_type_attribute_value = organizationalUnit
    ldap_company_view_attribute_type = text
    ldap_company_system_admin_relation_attribute =
    ldap_last_modification_attribute = modifyTimestamp
    ldap_company_search_filter =
    ldap_dynamicgroup_search_base_attribute = zarafaBase
    ldap_user_sendas_attribute = zarafaSendAsPrivilege
    ldap_addresslist_search_filter =
    ldap_dynamicgroup_unique_attribute = cn
    ldap_company_admin_attribute = zarafaAdminPrivilege
    ldap_dynamicgroup_filter_attribute = zarafaFilter
    ldap_user_scope = sub
    ldap_dynamicgroup_unique_attribute_type = text
    ldap_groupmembers_attribute = memberUid
    ldap_bind_user = cn=ldapadmin,ou=People,dc=yaffas,dc=local
    ldap_group_type_attribute_value = posixGroup
    ldap_quota_companywarning_recipients_attribute = zarafaQuotaCompanyWarningRecipients
    ldap_company_system_admin_attribute = zarafaSystemAdmin
    ldap_quota_companywarning_recipients_attribute_typ e = text
    ldap_user_certificate_attribute = userCertificate
    ldap_emailaliases_attribute = zarafaAliases
    ldap_user_search_filter = (&(objectClass=posixAccount)(objectClass=zarafa-user))
    ldap_quota_userwarning_recipients_relation_attribu te =
    ldap_network_timeout = 30
    ldap_userdefault_softquota_attribute = zarafaUserDefaultQuotaSoft
    ldap_warnquota_attribute = zarafaQuotaWarn
    ldap_isadmin_attribute = zarafaAdmin
    ldap_contact_type_attribute_value = zarafa-contact
    ldap_addresslist_name_attribute = cn
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    Although I guess your LDAP server is only accessible locally, the config file contains your bind password. I suggest to remove it ASAP and/or change afterwards...

    Can you post the values of any config entries starting with user_plugin from server.cfg?
    Should probably be user_plugin = ldap and user_plugin_config = ... ldap.yaffas.cfg

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    No worries about the bind password this installation will not be used in production.


    Here is ldap.cfg just in case:

    !include /etc/zarafa/ldap.yaffas.cfg
    !propmap /etc/zarafa/ldap.propmap.cfg

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    I figured it out
    1. Had to chmod the server.cfg in /etc/zarafa to allow write in order to modify the mysql root password, password was wrong, chmod was 600 change it to 677 to update and save changes then set it back to 600

    2. I had the users created as administrators and shared store user. I uncheck shared store user and left administrator checked.

    All users are now active. I created another users as shared store user and it would not login and the status was shared. Modified the user and removed the shared user option and everything worked. Not sure why but if someone could explain it may help someone else.

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