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Thread: Mobile Device Management 1.0 beta 1

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    Mobile Device Management 1.0 beta 1

    Email, calendaring and contacts have been available on mobile devices using Z-Push for quite a while. Administrators use various tools to keep track of all of these devices, while users demand more insight and control of their information and devices as well. With Mobile Device Management (MDM) this will become available in WebApp. Today we can happily announce the release of the first beta package for the MDM plugin for WebApp!

    What can I expect?
    The MDM plugin provides a list of all devices associated with an account on a Z-Push server. You can view the most recent connection time, resynchronize a device and even wipe it remotely. Old devices can be removed from the configuration in one click.

    There is one known issue, which we expect to resolve before a final release. After removing a device, the list of devices does not always properly refresh. Clicking the refresh button will do the trick.

    Where do I get the packages?
    You can download the packages from our . The plugin is compatible with WebApp version 2.0 and newer.

    Can I provide feedback?

    Yes please! We are looking forward to hearing about your experience with this new plugin. Let our support team know, or drop your feedback on the forum!

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    issue/bug: Enable default for all users to true, still requires me to enable it for each individual user.

    Also this is just a suggestion for maybe future releases down the line. Would be nice as a the administrator account for zarafa to be able to see all users devices on webapp or have some separate plugin for MDM admin etc. Again just a suggest for future releases. But this does look good it's a nice little management for users devices.
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    Installed build zarafa-webapp-plugins-mdm_1.0.1444135944.f95aee0_all.deb on a server.

    Issue 1: I can confirm that you still have to enable the plugin manually even after changing the configuration to true.

    Issue 2: Outlook 2013 connected via Z-Push has an empty "Device", "Device Info" and "Device OS" field. Only the "Last Update" is set.

    For version 1.0 I would like to see the device ID as well.
    Later there is more stuff, but firstly a popup (?) with the other device details (ActiveSync version, folder progress, user agent).


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    it would be better to display devicetype and deviceid instead of devicemodel, devicefriendlyname and deviceos because devicetype and deviceid are always available. devicemodel, devicefriendlyname, deviceos etc could be displayed in the pop-up with the other device details.

    Please do not PM me asking for support. Use the forum instead. Thank you.
    I usually check the mobility thread at the end of the day, so please have some patience if there's no immediate response. Asking to look at certain thread per PM won't result in a faster answer.

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    Thank you all for your feedback, we have just resolved the 'user default enable' configuration issue. Refer to . It will be included in the next mdm release. As for the device info, I have added all your feedback to the corresponding ticket: .

    Kind regards,


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    We use SSO with WebApp, so there is no password available in the session.
    Is there any way you could think about a work around of some kind? Preferably without saving the password (manually) in the settings, as is done with the Files-plugin.

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    I get a 500 Internal Server error after enabling the add-in and visiting the Settings page. I tracked it to the construction of the Soap clients that's failing...

    function getSoapClient()
    error_log("[" . "MDM" . "] Bingo url = " . $this->url) ;
    $client = new SoapClient(null, array(
    'location' => $this->url,
    'uri' => $this->server,
    'trace' => 1,
    'login' => $this->username,
    'password' => $this->password
    error_log("[" . "MDM" . "]: " . "Bingo done") ;
    return $client ;

    [Tue Dec 29 16:29:46.857430 2015] [:error] [pid 22011] [client] [MDM] Bingo url = , referer:

    The username and decrypted password are correct.

    I can't find hide nor hair of any other messages in the httpd(apache) or z-push logs, other than my added log calls. I'm running RHEL 7.2 apache 2.4.6-40 zarafa 7.2.1 webapp 2.1.0

    Thoughts on how I can track this down or provide more information?

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    My problem went away when I upgraded to webapp 2.1.1

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    Dear all,

    my z-push installation is on a different Server and I think that's the reason why the plugin crashes. But I found a config-mdm.php with PLUGIN_MDM_SERVER Paramerter. Is that a possibility to get this working? Whats the Syntax for this parameter?

    cu emtie

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