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Thread: Z-Push IMAPBackend BUG and possible patch

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    Z-Push IMAPBackend BUG and possible patch


    I don't know if this is the right place for this, but I didn't find another place (on or some on-line contributing tools like github).

    I have trouble sending s/mime encoded emails with the z-push (2.2.7 stable) ImapBackend. The problem is located in the body mime encoding handling (which seems incomplete). The problem is s/mime encoded emails are always send without body. If you set logging to DEBUG you can see the problem in the log file:
    "BackendIMAP->SendMail(): parsed message" show an object with raw base64 body followed by the line "BackendIMAP->SendMail(): body: " where no body is present.
    Tracing the problem in the source file backend/imap/imap.php leads to the function getBody (line 1578) and function getBodyRecursive (line 1602). There is only mime handling for text/html emails with mime text and multipart implemented.

    s/mime data looks like this:

    Possible solution for s/mime:

    Insert this at the end of the getBodyRecursive function (line 1613) (patchfile):
    Full new method:
    This may not be a perfect solution since it does not do a good/complete mime interpretation. On the other side the implementation of body mime checking seems incomplete anyhow. May be it would be a better approach to implement smtp and connect to the real smtp server instead of trying to parse the mail. This causes less trouble and would avoid having bad mail headers like "Return-Path: <[email protected]>" but give the real senders name. I really recommend using such a solution. Feedback to this Idea appreciated.

    Best, hc42
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