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Thread: The new previewer is now available

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    Smile The new previewer is now available

    Zarafa WebApp is improving a lot and the way attachments and files can be previewed is also getting some big changes. Today we are releasing the beta version of a new file previewer plugin, providing a lot of new features.

    It supports more formats, so aside from PDF and ODF files, you can now also preview image attachments, video and audio files. You can directly download or print from the preview window, go into presentation mode on PDF, ODP or image files and even rotate or zoom the content you are previewing. Those of you familiar with the previous versions of the previewer: the preview quality has been greatly enhanced, supports content selection and it will even display ‘tracked changes’ from ODF files.

    Why is it released separately?
    This is a beta release, and we would like Zarafa WebApp users to be able to continue to use a stable final release on their production environment if they want. This package can be installed ‘on the side’ and be used for testing (make sure you enable one or the other, not both). As soon as the previewer is considered ‘Final’ quality, it will be released together with WebApp like you are used to and it will deprecate the current version of the previewer.

    How can I get the packages?
    The packages are available on our . Note that you will need to run at least WebApp 2.1 to use this new feature.

    Can I provide feedback?
    We are keen to hear about your experience with this new beta. Open a forum topic or contact our support teams if you have any questions or remarks!

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    Just installed this and I have to say I'm very impressed with this preview plugin so far. It's nice to finally actually read PDF files rather then having to download them and view them on the PC. Also the fact I can check voice mail messages on my mailbox because it lets me listen to mp3's is nice also.

    Great job zarafa!
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    I get an empty screen opening a pdf with Internet Explorer 11, Firefox works fine.

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    @Chomes, glad you like it
    Could not repro this on IE11, we have a ticket related to PDF problems with IE9. Check this one:

    Do you get an error in the console?


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    Its working now, I did not have all the rpm packages installed for webapp.


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