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Thread: wow, first post

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    wow, first post

    has anybody got webmeetings running after goin throug the documentation: ?
    it is well documentet, but I think a bit complicated with the many diffrent TopSecretKey requirements ...

    there is a nic table at the end of the documentation... presence worsk fine (i can see a collegue online), but meeting goes into an endless loop after clicking and debugging is not so easy. nothing is logged to

    any debug hints?

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    Hello Sebastian,

    Most of the discussion of Zarafa Web Meetings happened in the Announcement-threads, but I'm very happy you created the first post in this sub-forum!

    As you pointed out, for the Shared secrets, there is a table at the end of the configuration section of the webmeetings manual. For testing purposes only you can use the same key in all the files.

    Webmeetings and presence do have log files, maybe you have logging disabled? Check your presence.cfg and webmeetings.cfg for the location of these log files.
    For the most detailed logging, change the log_level to 6.

    If you could provide the versions you are using for:

    We might get closer to the source of your issue.

    You could have a look for yourself in the console logging of your browser (preferably Chrome). The JS-console log might give a hint as to where the issue occurs.

    Kind regards,


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