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Thread: using PHP 5.4 ?!

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    using PHP 5.4 ?!

    i would like to give the new files-plugin a try.
    But it requires PHP 5.4.
    Currently I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x64 with PHP 5.3.
    Found a tipp to get PHP 5.4 up and running on 12.04.
    But this will remove yaffas and zarafa ...

    Are the dependencies for yaffas and zarafa set to PHP 5.3?


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    Yes, dependencies are propbably fixed at the Ubuntu-provided versions. However, this is not a yaffas-specific issue. The dependency comes from php-mapi, which is a Zarafa-provided package. So you would need to build your own Zarafa packages, I guess. Might be easier and better to switch to Ubuntu 14.04 or something else with recent PHP...

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    As far as I heard there are plans to make the new files plugin compatible with php 5.3 or the next public iteration. So depending on how you want to wait you could also wait for the next release.

    On second thought, newer owncloud releases also depend on more recent php versions. So in case everything is running on the same box an update would certainly not hurt.
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