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Thread: query on migration

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    query on migration

    dear all,

    I have zarafa community edition 7.1.13 working fine as a VM.
    I already have a clone of the setup on another server and the clone VM is normally shut off

    I am planning for a disaster recovery for the above mail server. that is if the current server has a hardware problem or some issue with the os i can just start the VM on the other server restore the mysql and the copy of /var/lib/zarafa folder and I am up with the latest.
    I will have a cron job doing the backup and ftping the backed up data everynight

    backup the mysql database with mysqldump
    copy the /var/lib/zarafa folder for attachments.

    but i am just wondering about the users.

    right now my users are created in zadmin and using local database

    now if there are new users created after my clone will the new users and mails be also avaliable in my backup

    does the mysqldump backup has the users and password and other user information

    appreciate your help



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    If it's the db plugin (zarafa's database) that's all stored in the mysql database for zarafa. If it's ldap you'll need to backup and restore ldap onto another server and then point the location of the ldap server and credentials for the bind dn in the ldap.cfg file and then state in server.cfg your using ldap.
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    Dear chomes,

    Thanks a lot for your reply and do apologize for my delayed reply
    by the way I had used zadmin to create my zarafa users and the authentication server is local in my zadmin web console page

    but when i do check the server.cfg file i see

    auth_method = plugin
    user_plugin_config = /etc/zarafa/ldap.cfg
    user_plugin = ldap

    So this means that my user names and other deatils are stored in ldap am i right???

    appreciate if you could let me know



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    oh! this is a quicky hand help chomes! I just had the same problem with sbdcunha. I am just a lucky one who just browsing but I ended up reading here and ohla! This is really helpful! thanks for this! unexpected help it is!

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