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Thread: Synology DSM 6 Beta and Zarafa - problem

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    Question Synology DSM 6 Beta and Zarafa - problem

    Hi all,

    I try to run Zarafa after doing the update to DSM 6 beta.

    The update was successful, and Zarafa works quite well. (zarafa-server works well, and I can send/receive mails)

    I have just a little problem with php-mapi module, the module can't load.

    So Z-Push and Webapp can't work since this module isn't loaded

    I think this is because Synology change his core architecture to 64 bits on DSM 6.

    So I have to change file to a 64bits one instead of this file with is 32 bits /usr/local/zarafa/phpmapi/

    Do you know where I can find the source code to only compile php-mapi on my Synology ?

    I find the entire source code for ZCP but I'm afraid that compile the entire app on my Synology cause more problems that it solves !

    I use Zarafa 0.6.0 spk app from Julian Dohle



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    the answer might be late and post mortem but Zarafa will not work on DSM 6.0 as the mapi component would have to be re-compiled for PHP 5.6. Current Alternative: Zarafa4h for Synology in a box.

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