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Thread: win10 mail app doesn't show attachments

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    win10 mail app doesn't show attachments

    Hi All,

    I have an issue using win 10 with its not showing attachments. It's connected via z-push.
    However, some incoming emails with attachments are correctly shown.

    The specific email was created using OS X via EWS and the attachment is correctly showing up in webapp inbox.
    So my guess that it may be something specific with z-push and win10 or the way attachments are created by OS X (via EWS)?

    z-push: 2.2.2-1981

    Any ideas?


    Changed to z-push 2.2.4, but no change. So I started to test a bit more, used the web to send attachments to the win 10 client. This worked.

    update 2:

    I now started to make some "cross-verification", using different accounts.
    Sending attachments with OS X using the apple iCloud mail account, the attachment does arrive correctly at the win 10
    My first thought was that it might be something about the ZWS (EWS), but then I sent an email via ZWS to my apple account and still the attachment arrives well.

    So it seems something specific for OS X via ZWS to win 10 mail only.

    How to find out more?
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    push ---

    No comments from anyone?

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