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Thread: Deskapp not starting

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    Deskapp not starting

    I put in the url, user and password same as in Browser but an error comes up:
    The requested URL /webappindex.php was not found on this server.
    Same in http or https or only the ip-adress in locale LAN.
    My format is:

    What´s wrong ?

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    Hi chrissib,

    put a trailing slash at the end of the url that is looks like this

    I made the same mistake

    best regards,

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    Yes ! simple but it works.
    Thank you !!

    ---------- Post added ----------

    But now the splash screen doesn´t disappear.
    I can see my email, contacts an so on but the screen still is in front and tells me "Starting".

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    Hi chrissib

    Could you solve your problem?:
    It seems, I've got the sampe problem.


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    We saw the splash screen issue with WebApp 2.0 and it went away when we pointed the DeskApp at WebApp 2.1. Maybe this helps?
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    We use webapp 2.0.2 with ZCP 7.1.13 (Zadmin) so i cannot try with 2.1
    How can i manually update to Webapp 2.1 an ZCP 7.1.13. (not 7.2) ?

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    include WebApp 2.1 packages.

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    With repo i have to use for daily builds ?

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    267$CODENAME-daily (i.e. for Ubuntu 14.04).

    If you have any further yaffas-specific packages, I'd suggest to move them to the relevant sub-forum to keep this forum specific to DeskApp topics.

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    Yes the splashscreen disappears when using webapp 2.1

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