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Thread: Problem with Amavis

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    Problem with Amavis

    Hi all,
    i Need to enable the Quarantain .

    Please help.

    I tryed to configure the file 20-debian_defaults but it still not work

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    You need to edit the amavisd.conf file.

    $QUARANTINEDIR = '/var/virusmails'; # -Q

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    I can't find the amavisd.conf file . I have Ubuntu .

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    this should work OOTB with Z-Admin ...

    but if not, the file is not easy to find because there's no amavisd.conf
    u r right with configuring the quarantine-dir in 20-debian-defaults
    the var $MYHOME, where the quarantine-dir is located in, can be set in /usr/share/amavis/conf.d/10-debian-scripts
    by default $MYHOME is set to /var/lib/amavis
    so ur quarantine-dir should be /var/lib/amavis/virusmails by default

    maybe a permisson prob?
    is the quarantine-dir existing?
    correct permissions for user amavis?

    following lines taken from

    - create a directory (e.g. /var/virusmails) to be used by amavisd-new
    as a quarantine area (if quarantining to files is desired).
    Set ownership and protection of the directory to be readable and
    writable by the chosen UID, and not writable by other non-privileged
    mkdir /var/virusmails
    chown amavis:amavis /var/virusmails
    chmod 750 /var/virusmails

    regards ...

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