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Thread: Feature Request: open email in new browser window

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    Feature Request: open email in new browser window


    last week we startet to migrate 200 User in our company from webaccess to webapp.

    Many of them tell us now, that they miss the possibility to open in new browser window.

    Our user work with a unix-based system, where they can switch between 4 desktops, for example like 4 displays but without extra hardware. So they can arrange their started programs on these desktops. In case that a user needs to bring (or compare) some data from a mail into another program they opened this mail in a new window an moved it to the other desktop.

    Now they feel handicaped in their workflow, because emails in tabs do not help here.

    Would be really great if the option to open a mail in new a window - like in webaccess - could be implemented.

    Thanks in advance for checking that.

    Kind regards


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    I would definitely support having such a feature, especially since this probably means that we could access specific mails using some kind of permalink as it used to work in WebAccess.

    A workaround for your specific case could be opening two browser windows/tabs, both loaded with WebApp. As far as I remember, both instances can then be used more or less without interfering with each other.

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    Hi guys,

    We have a ticket for this cool feature. The product owner likes this issue and we do realize this helps our customers (you guys) with their workflow.

    For now you can use the workaround Choffmann just mentioned.

    Btw, the ticket is private so I you won't be able to track it.
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    Yeah, we could do that, but that is not what i want. ;-)

    Thanks for your support.

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    Indeed opening e-mails in a separate window would be a massive improvement to webapp.

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