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Thread: Zarafa WebApp 2.1.0 RC1 is endless loading after login

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    The Zarafa-Support found the issue Yesterday. The street entry for this users in the AD contains a line break and webapp stuck while reading this data.
    - Entering just one line for the street
    - zarafa-admin --sync on the server

    and Webapp runs

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    Going through Cloudflare with FULL SSL enabled broke my webapp and it got stuck on the loading screen. As soon as I disable the Cloudflare proxy and access my Apache server directly, it works like a charm.

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    Hi sreamy,

    I would suggest to you to open up a dedicated thread for your issue, especially this is a thread about the rc of a webapp version released quite some time ago (there were other releases since then). To better analyse you issue it would also be helpful if you clarify on the "full ssl" and if there are any issues in the browser console when accessing over cloudflare.

    I'll close this thread here for now.
    Regards Felix

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