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Thread: 7.2.1 RC2 is available for download

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    Tanks for the update. Please understand me: what i do not like is waiting without info. Communication is the key to keep users happy. I am not an Outlook user, only webapp and zpush along with thunderbird so offline is not an issue to me (plus i already am on the 7.2 branch) but i now understand why the final is not yet released.

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    Nevertheless you should consider adding a way to quickly patch an existing branch when big issues arrise. I used to install zarafa from source when i was on the 6.2 branch (with gentoo) so i am not against a little bit of hacking.
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    Hi All,
    Together with the guys over at Advance Installer, we manage to solve the issue mentioned earlier.
    Also they gave us some feedback on points to improve.

    If anyone is interested in helping us test to perform upgrades test (upgrading 7.1 offline profiles to 7.2), please send me a PM.
    So we expect to have the ZCP 7.2.1 final released quite soon.

    Looking for users to test our releases, interested? send me a PM

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