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Thread: 2 errors on the new version with PHP!

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    2 errors on the new version with PHP!

    Hi there,

    I installed the new version and there where 2 errors with my instalation (Z-Push version: 1.5.4-707):
    ob_start(): no array or string given in /.../zpush/index.php on line 46

    line 46:
    ob_start(false, 1048576);

    line 46 corrected this with:
    ob_start(null, 1048576);

    2nd error:
    Cannot redeclare hex2bin() in /.../zpush/include/utils.php on line 103

    line 103:
    function hex2bin($data)
    return pack("H*", $data);

    corrected with:
    if (!function_exists('hex2bin')) {
    function hex2bin($data)
    return pack("H*", $data);


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    Hello Jonadabe,

    what exactly do you mean by "the new version". Which version of Zarafa are you running and on which operating system. Z-Push 1.5.4 is already very very very old. The current version is 2.2.3.
    Regards Felix

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