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Thread: z-push - Microsoft activeSync license required for usage?

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    z-push - Microsoft activeSync license required for usage?


    a coworker told me, that using microsofts active-sync protocol without microsoft software that already includes the license (Outlook + Exchange CALs), requires additional license agreements between microsoft and the software vendor that uses the activeSync protocol.

    Can zarafa please elaborate on this?

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    according to this news, it seems to be licensed by the mobile device vendor by default through a deal with MS?

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    Page seems to have a paywall. this is the snippet from the news: "Microsoft has entered similar licenses over its ActiveSync technology with rivals Apple Inc., Nokia Inc., Palm Inc., Samsung Corp. and Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB. "
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    As MS-ASHTTP is included into Microsoft's Interoperability Principles Patent Pledge for Open Source Developers (), you seem to be safe as a developer of open source projects like Z-Push. Regarding the usage of the protocol, I don't know about any guidelines from Microsoft what's allowed and what's not. I think this really depends on the affected patents and patent law. But I believe MS will only try to charge redistributors of EAS software.

    I remember I had to activate and accept an EAS license agreement when setting up the first EAS connection on my Samsung phone, so it seems that Samsung pays per user. If per client software licensing is enough for you as a user (or company), is probably a complex legal question which can only be clarified by Microsoft itself (if they just allow it) or within lawsuits. But it doesn't seem that Microsoft takes any action towards this direction.

    I'm not an expert, these are just some assumptions after doing some research on this topic....
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    No CALs or licenses are needed to use z-push.

    CALs are used for Microsoft Products, z-push is not a microsoft product although it does use their active sync technologies protocol slightly but it is still not belonging to Microsoft. As such you do not need to purchase CALs.
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    Dear chomes,

    Since the EAS patent is licensed "non free" it means it must be negotiated with MS under what conditions you can use it. Obviously it means you will have to pay some fee which is huge amount of money.
    So no CALs but fee for the patent usage.
    Please, drop some opinion on this topic here.

    Thank you !

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    The way I understand it is that you need a licence for the compatible client device but not for the server (unless you are using Microsoft's actual EAS of course). So, for example, if I buy an iPhone from Apple, it can use AS to connect to MS Exchange or other AS compliant server. Apple has an agreement with MS and pays the fee for the device's compatibility and when I buy this iPhone it is taken into account in the price I pay.

    I am not aware of any possible charge for using an AS-compatible server. I always understood that it was like SQL - anyone can make an SQL server but you need to pay a fee to use MS's own implementation of it. However, this isn't really a fair comparision because MS didn't create SQL!

    I just wish I could find evidence for all this! As you can tell, I am not an expert. I remember years ago reading about it somewhere I considered reputable but can't find it now. I will update if I can find anything solid and I would love to hear what others think.

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