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Thread: Cannot access Email via IMAP client

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    Cannot access Email via IMAP client

    Hi all,

    Been struggling with Zafara here..

    I have Zafara running on a Synoly and got everything working even pushing emails to my Iphone and Ipad. I would have thought that would be the hardest part, but I was wrong...

    I am trying to connect Mail on OSX either via exchange account or IMAP and it just doest work.

    On Exchange it just wont connect. port 443 is greyed out so I cant change it on the settings.
    As IMAP, it connects but doesnt show any email, even on port 144

    If I use IMAP port 993 it will only show the email briefly before it gets pulled by the fetchmail into Zarafa...

    Ahh did the

    export LC_ALL=C
    zarafa-admin -u USERNAME --enable-feature imap


    How do I access the Zafara store via IMAP?

    Any ideias here?


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    Are you sure that the zarafa-dagent is running and you are trying to connect the correct port.

    Good Luck

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    How can I check if dagent is running? and how can I find the correct ports?

    Best regards,

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    i have the same Problem in the same constellation here.
    I have a pfsense router for my Synology Email Server (in a DMZ). In pfsense is 1:1 nat from the public IP to Synology. Email is running. but i dont habe access to IMAP.
    It seems we need the port 144 in synology - but how can i open this one there?

    Anyone a idea?

    Ty for help

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