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Thread: Zarafa LibreOffice integration?

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    Zarafa LibreOffice integration?


    I have installed the zarafa-ooo-integration-1.0-1.noarch and gnome-open but sending from LibreOffice 4.3.x does not work.

    Has anybody succeeded in getting this to work and can give me some hint please?


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    More info

    OK, after some testing I have the following:

    For my environment - OpenSUSE 13.2 & KDE I have to blank out the email setting in LibreOffice (tools-options-internet) uninstall kmail and set /usr/bin/zarafa-mailto as the "different email client" in System Settings - Default apps.

    Cool something passed through to Webaccess and an email opens up with a subject heading.

    Trouble is no attachment is attached.

    After some messing around it seems that zarafa-mailto is trying to look for the wrong format from libreoffice to see if an attachement is being sent

    e.g. my Libreoffice export format:
    mailto:?attach=file%3A%2F%2F%2Ftmp%2Fluf438d5.tmp% 2Fluf438dz.tmp%2Fnoname.pdf&subject=noname

    zarafa-mailto is doing this check:
    # upload attachment to server if found
    upload=`echo $upload | perl -n -e '/attachment=([^&]+)/ && print $1;'`
    if [ -n "$upload" ]; then
    servername=`curl --insecure --silent --form file=\@$upload "$url/senddocument.php"`

    As you can see this will never work as Libreoffice is exporting /attach not /attachment
    Also there is no upload variable passed (should this really be echo %1?)

    zarafa-mailto is also not removing/converting the %3A%2F%2F%2 bits which will screw up the Curl install.

    Admittedly I'm working in the dark here so I may be way off track but if Libreoffice send-to is going to work is does not look like only minor changes are needed to the above code, I just don't know what is required by senddoucument.php

    Any ideas?

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