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Thread: Outlook on XP crashes with 0xc00000005 when starting with Zarafa client installed

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    Outlook on XP crashes with 0xc00000005 when starting with Zarafa client installed

    Hello all,

    we are aware that XP is not supported any more, but unfortunately we still have some workstations on our company that are using Windows XP SP3 32bit with all updates installed. Outlook2010 is starting fine before I install the Zarafa client. But as soon as I install Zarafa client, I cannot start Outlook any more, because it crashes right after I start it with following error message:
    In english it would be something like:
    OUTLOOK.EXE - error in application
    The application could not be initialised correctly (0xc0000005). Press "OK" to close the application.

    As soon as I uninstall Zarafa client, Outlook can be started fine again. I also tried to remove the email profile under START==>System Settings==>E-Mail and create a new one. But it doesn't help either. Also it doesn't matter when I choose "Typical", "Full" or "Custom" at the installation stage of Zarafa client. And I tried both Zarafa clients, also the latest one:

    zarafaclient-7.2.1-50403.msi (17.435KB)
    zarafaclient-7.2.1-50938.msi (17.254KB)

    didn't make any differencce. I have one XP client which I had some more luck when I tried to get Outlook+Zarafa client to work (I battled for several days with it ). Luckily I succeeded somehow, while I was often changing the setting on "START==>System Settings==>Software==>Program Standards" then press on "Custom" and then on the Email configuration I clicked various combinations and applied the OK button.

    I am trying the same on 3 other XP clients I'm currently on, but without luck. Why cannot Outlook start correctly with Zarafa client? Why does it fail? Here are some screenshots I have done ...

    Bildschirmfoto von »2015-07-22 06:43:39«.jpg

    Bildschirmfoto von »2015-07-22 06:45:31«.jpg

    I also tried to uninstall Lotus Notes client from these XP clients, so only Microsoft Outlook 2010 remained. But even after reboot, the issue still remains. Any help really appreciated because I have no clue what else to try. It's getting frustrating meanwhile after one week
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    I assume you've tested from a new Outlook profile (by that I mean new profile from Control Panel, Mail)?

    I'm using zarafaclient-7.1.12-49411 and no issues on my end.

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    Yes+No. I took another "test" machine that is running WinXP, too. Before installing Zarafa-client I did start Outlook and created an Email profile to retrieve emails from my private Google-Mailaccount. It worked fine, even after a reboot and relogin. Then I install Zarafa-client (tried both versions of 7.2.1.xxxxx tree, the latest two) and *bang* the error comes. Outlook does not start any more.

    I'm clueless. Battling for so many days without success. anyone can assist in that? What else should I try ?
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    there are some tickets open which relates to Windows XP/Vista and the zarafa-client.
    a few examples,

    We are investigating it and once we know more, I will update this thread.
    Looking for users to test our releases, interested? send me a PM

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    Is there any news on that? It's really getting frustrating. We have a 100user license, and we are running about 17 Windows XP workstations which we cannot just reinstall with Win7. We are bound to WinXP and we cannot get Zarafa-Client work with these WinXP clients. There is only one single WinXP client that works with Outlook2010. How can that be? What is the culprit here? Why does Zarafa-Client not work with WinXP ? any help really really appreciated. We tried quite *everything* in the last few weeks now and still are stuck really, any help appreciated.

    Thanks to all.

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    We have just the same problem with one xp machine. Are there any news on that?

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    why donÄt you use an old zarafa client for XP ? I think 6.40.17 client version is able to work with 7.x server version!

    I use 6.40.17 with my XP client. But our server also still runs 6.40.17.

    But I would try that!


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    that doesn't help. We are running zcp 7.2.1.x But I also tried to install older zarafa-versions ( and it didn't help either. We have only one single XP machine that runs with Zarafa version. But on the other XP clients we tried it doesn't work. On all these XP clients we get the explained error. It's really frustrating, as Outlook2010 CANNOT be used at all on these machines. any help really appreciated

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    I know. But I ment to try really a 6.40.x Version on the Windows XP clients! It is a version, which works with outlook 2010 on my windows XP.

    If you don't have this old version, you can pm me and I can upload it for you. (don't know if you can download these very old versions)

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    Again, I do not intent to install a 6.40.x zarafa client version in conjunction with 7.2.1.x zcp. Any other help and solution to that issue? is there maybe meanwhie a fix available (updates zarafa-client ?) ?

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