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Thread: deactivating zarafa-search = local client search?

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    deactivating zarafa-search = local client search?

    is it possible to use the local search mechanism (Outlook) by deactivating the search deamon at the servers config?

    zarafa-server -Version
    Product version: 7,1,11,46050
    File version: 46050


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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Outlook search might depend on zarafa-search.

    Why would you want to disable it in the first place?

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    No, searches are always on the server (when using cached mode zarafa-offline.exe is your server) and setting search_enabled to no will only lead to all searches beeing executed directly on the database instead of using the faster search index.
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    Thank you very much!

    I want to disable it, because the server search daemon does'nt find every mail. Even if I restart the service including clearing the index cache.
    My Users are complaning, that there are often not the correct search results. That means, they are searching for a specific mail from customer xyz and the search result does't show it. If you look your self at the mail folders, you find it.

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