Some of you might have been taking the new S/MIME plugin for a test drive in the past couple of weeks after a release candidate has been released in June. A big thanks goes out to everybody that has been providing us with valuable (user) feedback. It is now time to release our youngest giraffe into the wild. In other words, S/MIME for WebApp is ready for its first final release. Read along to find out how to use and where to get this extension.

What does it do?

This new plugin adds full support for the S/MIME email security standard. Digital signatures can be set (and validated!) to ensure the authenticity of the email and the identity of the sender. Encryption can be applied to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of any email message sent out. Decrypting a message can only be performed by a user entering the passphrase to the private key.

Making security accessible for the user

Security, privacy and user-friendliness do not always go hand in hand. With the S/MIME plugin we have been designing with the experience of the user in mind. Both signing and encryption are available at the click of a button when writing a new email.

Any public certificate that is received (i.e. in a signed email) is imported automatically, so encrypted messages can be exchanged with that user as well. And one of nicest things about having full support for S/MIME in WebApp? Just configure once and use it at every location you log in – no hassle with importing certificates to the local system or your browser.

More info on S/MIME

Looking for more information on S/MIME in general? Take a look at the or go to the for a more in depth description of what S/MIME can do for your organization.

Getting the package

The has been updated with the new package. If you are a customer, you can download the package directly from the .

In the future, our tested binaries will be a commercial service to our commercial customers with an active subscription. If you want to know more about the background of our decision, we have posted recently.

Feedback is much appreciated!

As always, we want to hear from you and improve! Drop any feedback you have in this topic. We especially invite you to chat about what you think is important to your organizations’ IT security.