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Thread: damned week in december

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    damned week in december

    The week from the 7th to the 13th of december 2015 shows a strange behavior. All appointments are shown one day early. In the month-view the selection of a day also has a offset of -1 day.

    I am running WebApp - ZCP 7.2.0-48204 with German timezone.


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    Hi Mathias,

    are you talking about WebApp or WebAccess (since its posted in the WebAccess section)? For WebApp this is already known:
    Regards Felix

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    Hi Mathias,

    This issue has (indeed) been fixed in the next beta version of WebApp (2.1.0 beta 1).

    Regards, Bob

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    Thanks a lot

    Sorry for posting in wrong board. I deed it is webapp. Nice to hear the bug is fixed!


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    When will we get the new Webapp (even in beta)?

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