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Thread: S/MIME WebApp plugin RC 1

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    S/MIME WebApp plugin RC 1

    Dear Zarafa WebApp S/MIME plugin users,

    Some time has passed since the last beta release of our S/MIME plugin. During this period we have received quite some feedback. Thanks to you all for your time and effort to test this plugin.

    What is in this package?

    This release we focused on various bug fixes regarding signing and encrypting with specific certificate types and uploading of new certificates. This release we have also included Debian 8 packages.

    New user?

    If you are new to our S/MIME plugin we recommend reading the pages below.

    S/MIME information page:

    S/MIME documentation:

    Package location

    You can grab the new release .


    As always, please provide us feedback or suggestions for improvements. We appreciate your feedback and will use it to make the product even better.


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    Is it expected that the plugin still does not throw any warning before uploading my private key via a plaintext (HTTP) connection? I already mentioned this .
    I install, configure, customize, integrate and maintain Zarafa setups in different environments since 2007. If you want my full attention, please send me a private message and ask for paid support.

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    Hi rsc,

    Thanks for the feedback. This is expected for now.
    I've created a ticket so we will implement a warning if there is a http connection.



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