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Thread: Logon failed, please check your name/password

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    Logon failed, please check your name/password

    i am using Fabian's templates.() With phpldapadmin i can creat some users and companys. zarafa-admin -l returns the user i have created, but the users can not log on in the webaccess. The server returns Logon failed, please check your name/password. in the server.log i found: Authentication by plugin failed for user testtest: Trying to authenticate failed: Password field or/and uniqueid are empty or unreadable

    the zarafa-admin shows this information about the user:

    Username: testtest
    Fullname: test test
    Emailaddress: [email protected]
    Active: yes
    Administrator: no
    Auto-accept meeting req:no
    Quota overrides: no
    Warning level: unlimited
    Soft level: unlimited
    Hard level: unlimited
    Current store size: 526 B
    Groups (1):

    Any ideas about my problem?


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    Re: Logon failed, please check your name/password


    Can you switch in the ldap.cfg the authentication_method to bind and try again?


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