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Thread: Zarafa WebMeetings Final Released!

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    Wink Zarafa WebMeetings Final Released!

    After a year of developing and testing we are proud to release the first stable version of Zarafa Web Meetings to our community!

    What is Zarafa Web Meetings?

    Zarafa Web Meetings enables you to set up secure peer-to-peer video conference calls and chats with a few clicks from within Zarafa WebApp. Besides the High Defenition video and audio meetings, this new plugin provides a big set of tools such as screen sharing, file sharing and document sharing for presentations.

    Check out this and visit for more details and screen shots.

    What do you need to build, install and configure this package?

    Zarafa-WebApp & Zarafa-WebMeetings-plugin source packages.
    Spreed Webrtc 0.23.7 ()
    Linux server
    Nginx (Version 1.4 or later. Use the nginx repository)
    Zarafa ZCP Version 7.2
    WebApp 2.0.2

    Getting started with Web Meetings:

    1. Set up a Zarafa-server
    2. Build the spreed-webrtc server following the instructions on
    3. Download the source packages here:

    WebApp 2.0.2:

    WebMeetings plugin:

    4. Compile Zarafa-WebApp and the Web Meetings-plugin.
    a. Unpack the WebApp package
    b. Unpack the pluging package and move the spreedwebrtc folder to webapp-
    c. Open the directory webapp-
    d. Run: ant tools
    e. Open plugins/spreedwebrtc/
    f. Run: ant deploy
    g. Open webapp-
    h. Copy the spreedwebrtc folder to your plugin-directory of WebApp
    i. Rename config.php.dist to config.php (see the administrator manual for details on the configuration of this file)

    5. Follow the to learn more about how to configure your setup.
    6. Enjoy your Web Meetings!
    7. Post back your feedback in this topic.

    Question: Why do you not publish the packages for the community?

    Good question. This has to do with our recent posting on the community. Here we have announced that we would like to make a clearer distinction between services for paying customers and community downloads, while we are moving to our new business model. This is a business model where we strive to make all future innovations open source available. I advise you to read the announcement thoroughly if you would like to know all ins & outs. You can ask questions in this thread.

    Where to get help?

    As with every brand technology, your first install is not always the easiest one. However, we have the manual in place and we’ve planned two Webinars which could also come in handy. The first webinar is an introduction to WebMeetings with emphasis on (upcoming) features. The second Webinar will provide more insights in setting up and configuring the WebMeetings (((If people from community join, maybe also show a compilation in the Webinar?)))

    - Zarafa Web Meetings Launch Webinar:

    - Zarafa Web Meetings setup and configuration Webinar:

    Feel free to drop your questions in this thread. I’m eager to hear your feedback and experiences.

    With kind regards,
    Joost Hopmans

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    Would be nice to see a nginx configuration with Z-Push or get some recommendations for it. Z-Push for nginx is not supported. Proxying to Apache: Z-Push get's ip address of nginx and not the device itself.


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    does anyone have a saved record of the webinar?

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    I have treid building and configuring zarafa webmeetings and without at least the webminar I think it's impossible.

    Has anyone succeeded in building it from scratch? I am trying in Debian.

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