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Thread: 721beta: spooler doesn't send mails (with solution)

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    721beta: spooler doesn't send mails (with solution)

    In webmail I send a mail, and it write "successfully sent", but then appears in "outgoing" folder. And above is the log from spooler. What's the problem here?

    MAPI 80040115 should be "network error"... why? We have
    in spooler.cfg, and it works (tested with telnet).

    Out of curiosity, I tested to remove
    from spooler.cfg, and then it worked. So it seems also in spooler you have a bug which prevents it from running as a non-root user. Please fix!
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    Hi Zmi1,

    The message successfully sent is not related to this issue.
    Your spooler is started so I guess the permissions for this user are good.

    Did you get this behavior before or after you played around with zarafa-prio?


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    Had the same problem. I think the second line of
    chown -R zarafa:zarafa /usr/share/zarafa-dagent/
    chown -R zarafa:zarafa /usr/share/zarafa-spooler/

    fixed it for me.

    There really should be MUCH MUCH better instructions on how to go from 7.1 to 7.2 This is not a problem-free upgrade.

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