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Thread: PHP-MAPI and HHVM

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    are there any plans to support hhvm () in future releases of Zarafa? It seems the PHP-MAPI extension is the dealbreaker in this case.

    Thanks and regards

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    IANAZE (I am not a Zarafa employee), but did you already cross-check if the Zend compat layer of HHVM might help here?
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    Well, even if I run HHVM with the "hhvm.enable_zend_compat = true" option I still get the following error:

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    Any news on this with Kopano?

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    Hello Virusmoere,

    your thread was just brought to my attention. We are aware of HHVM for quite some time now, but currently don't regard it as a priority for us. If you are willing to work on this and contribute patches/howtos to get this running we'll gladly consider taking it upstream though.
    Regards Felix

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