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Thread: Excessive Zarafa socket use makes server unusable (long)

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    Excessive Zarafa socket use makes server unusable (long)

    Hi all!

    I run the following Zarafa configuration:

    After an update to Zarafa 7.1.12, I noticed that my server sometimes throws errors that Postfix is not able to connect to OpenLDAP, or that squid (running on the same box) is not able to open a socket connection. Using netstat, I noticed that sometimes more that 20000 (!!) OpenLDAP connections are in TIME_WAIT state, which is an explanation why the system runs out of sockets.

    In order to identify the source of the connections, I added a second local port to OpenLDAP and configured only Zarafa to connect to this port, while all other processes connecting to OpenLDAP (i.e. postfix/proxymap, saslauthd, apache, remote computers, etc.) use the original one. I also reduced the time-out of the TIME_WAIT sockets to 10 seconds by setting .

    Using the trivial shell script below, I recorded the number of open OpenLDAP sockets every 5 seconds. An excerpt of the resulting plot is attached (note the log scale of the socket count).

    As you can see in the plot, the number of sockets is periodically extremely high - the maximum is 16915, of which 16895 are in TIME_WAIT state. Apparently, Zarafa keeps 19 sockets permanently open (blue curve). Compared to that, the load by all other processes accessing OpenLDAP (red and green curves) is very low.

    Is this a "known" feature/bug of Zarafa? Or did I mis-configure something in the server?

    Any insight would be highly appreciated,
    thanks in advance,

    Shell script for recording the OpenLDAP connections (Zarafa connects to port 9389, all other processes to 389 or 636):

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    I am unfortunately able to see a similar behaviour since Zarafa 7.1.12, looks like the LDAP specific changes and rewrites of this release were not that great...
    I install, configure, customize, integrate and maintain Zarafa setups in different environments since 2007. If you want my full attention, please send me a private message and ask for paid support.

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    Hi Albrecht,

    I would propose to contact support if you still have this issue.

    Looking for users to test our releases, interested? send me a PM

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