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Thread: Error Message in /var/log/zarafa/dagent.log

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    Error Message in /var/log/zarafa/dagent.log


    since Update to 7.1.12 i have a dagent error message:
    Installed version of libvmime: libvmime0_0.9.2+svn603-9_amd64.deb

    Any Ideas?


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    In my procmail.log appears this errormessage since 7.1.12:

    The mail is corrupt and shows only chinese symbols. Sent The same mail to my private googlemail account and all is fine. Only mails from one address are corrupt. Other mails which are delivered by procmail are fine.
    Any help?

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    The procmail.log contains the error message because you are calling zarafa-dagent using procmail. The issue with that specific e-mail seems to be that the charset within the RFC822 MIME headers of the e-mail is a different one compared with that one in the HTML code of the MIME part itself (which is indeed an invalid combination). If you cross-check the source code of this e-mail you should find at least two lines like these:


    however in your case there should be a mismatch (or the first occurrence doesn't exist at all, due to "Parameter not found: 'charset'"). If the MIME "charset" option is really missing, all charset evaluation can just happen either on guessing or by evaluating the charset option of the HTML code inside of the MIME part (and even both might be wrong). The charset detection is technically required at Zarafa in order to perform a proper MAPI conversion. Non-MAPI based software usually doesn't print any error message for such a charset failure but leaves it up to the HTML rendering engine how it could be displayed. Nevertheless, if the e-mail isn't Chinese (or in another language requiring just multi-byte characters), not everything should be broken (because single-byte characters such as ASCII are the same in each charset) - so might it be possible that this e-mail is just spam?
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    Hello guys. Recently i migrated from Zarafa 6.4 to 7.1. Mails are catched by getmail. Since then i have the same problem (i guess) as above with the newsletter of one address (
    The error is:

    The mails are delivered though. But getmails delivers them hundreds of times since dagent reports an error. Is there any workaround other than unsubscribing the newsletter?
    It happens on Ubuntu 14.04 as on 10.04 both times latest Zarafa 7.1.
    Anyone that has experienced the same?

    Just minutes after posting this, i found the option in getmail to ignore the stderr. Now it relies on the exitcode which is indeed 0 aka mail is delivered. Just a workaround but it does the job.
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