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Thread: Deleted email are not moved into 'deleted item' any more.

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    Question Deleted email are not moved into 'deleted item' any more.

    I am using Zarafa on a Synology DS-713+ with I pimped with 4GB RAM. So it's now pretty powerful.
    The Zarafa is hosting my own domain. The MX record is pointing to the Synology via dyndns address.

    I am currently using DSM 5.1-5022 Update 2, Zarafa 0.0.5, Z-Push 2.1.1.-1 and MailServer 1.4-0288.
    My mail client is Outlook 2013 where I added the [email protected] and [email protected] mailbox to my regular mailbox.

    For some reason I can delete emails in my primary ([email protected]) mailbox so that they are moved to the
    deleted items folder. When I do the same in the [email protected] or [email protected] mailbox I get the following pop up:


    For some reason the two deligated mailboxes - which previsouly worked flawless! - are not anymore
    capable to move emails I delete into the folder 'deleted items'. I have no clue what changed here!??

    Maybe the last DSM update is causing this mistake. Maybe it's caused by an update to the Synology
    'Mail Server' itself. For some reason this problem only exist in Outlook 2013. Mobile clients work flawless.

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    Okay ... got it myself. For some reason the problem is caused by the Outlook profile. Just deleted it and created a new one.

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    The problem is back. And this time the solution I previously posted didn't help. Even deinstalling, registry clean, rebot and reinstall didn't work now.
    I also have the problem - but emails are still going out - that my email header (email > details > properties) is empty. Don't know why that is so.
    Restored a backup of my Win8. Worked until I rebooted. Then I had the same problem even in my backup image. Anyone had the same problem?

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