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Thread: using AD server as authentication server for zarafa

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    using AD server as authentication server for zarafa

    Dear All,

    I have zadmin 1.4.0-1 and zarafa server using local authentication
    there is a need to use active directory as authentication server so for a test purpose so as to not disturb the current production server i made a test setup

    i have a windows 2008 r2 AD server then install yaffas ( above version ) and when I go to authentication server select active directory as my authentication i am unable to join the AD server
    the error message as below

    Error: do_back_quote; caller: Yaffas::Module::AuthSrv::net_rpc_join (line: 1161, bin=/usr/bin/wbinfo)

    i have on my zarafa server in my resolv.conf the ip address of my AD as the first dns

    Is there anything i need to do ...

    appreciate your kind help and advice



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    Can you try running the following command with your credentials as root?
    I assume this will also error out; please post the resulting error here (cleared from any password/secrets).

    This should be the command which Z-Admin runs internally.

    I do not remember having seen such an error. I know that connecting to AD environments, which had been migrated from NT4 domains, has been problematic in the past, but I think this would be a different error message.

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    dear christian,

    Thanks a lots for the reply in fact sorry for the delay as was busy ... by the way wbinfo was not present in my installation
    actually as i mentioned before its a test setup and I installed new zarafa server using yum and new AD 2008 server and had created some users

    I had to install samba4-winbind-clients and after that i set up authentication server and wow everything worked like a charm.
    and I could see all my AD users in zarafa zadmin administration user tab.

    Thanks a million... n GOD bless U



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