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Thread: block Outlook for iOS / Android

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    block Outlook for iOS / Android

    How do I block Outlook for iOS / Android from connecting to my Zarafa server?

    There has been much discussion going on lately about the fact that Microsoft does horrible things like storing user credentials in an US-cloud service or directly integrating 3rd party storage (dropbox etc). So I would like to block those apps from connecting to Zarafa?
    In z-push-top I see a connection from "Outlook-iOS-Android/1.0" with an IP from the Amazon cloud.

    Is there a way to block certain Agents?
    Searching I found this from 2010. Is this still the only option or is there now a more admin friendly way in a configuration file somewhere?

    This only solves half the problem as by the time I see those connections and block them the user credentials are already in the US. So ideally I would also like to log those things so that I can inform the users to change there passwords.



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    Hi Christian,

    the simples approach to this would be to block those devices/user agents directly on the level of your webserver. If have not tested it but the following should work (for more info you can look at )

    And for the "telling the user about it" part. You can execute the following command to get a list of deviceids "z-push-admin -a list". From the deviceid you should be able to tell which user has used the app.
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    Cool, thanks, great idea to do it in the web sever. I'll try it tomorrow.

    Might be a nice addition for a future version to allow something like that to be configured easier.

    I just noticed something else annoying about the Outlook for Android stuff. To test it I created a user, downloaded the app and used it to see what z-push says who is connecting.
    Now the app has been removed from the mobile device, the account password has been changed but the Microsoft cloud still tries to constantly connect and download data for that user. :-(

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