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Thread: Migrating yaffas to a new server

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    Migrating yaffas to a new server

    Hi all,

    I have running yaffas on an older Ubuntu 12.04 and want to migrate Zarafa and yaffas to a newer Debian 7 server. I installed yaffas on the nuew machine and rsynced all yaffas, zarafa and ldap configs to the new machine. But no daemon especially zarafa is able to connect to slapd, as the credentials seem to be wrong. Slapcat shows me the same content on the new machine as on the old. What did I wrong?

    I created a new rootpw using and changed the ldap_bin_passwd in the to newpassword but still have no luck in accessing Zarafa Server to run again. I appreciate any hints what to do as I want to preserve to register all users again manually.

    Thanks in advance!

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