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Thread: Zarafa Outlook support discontinued?

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    Zarafa Outlook support discontinued?

    I received a strange E-Mail from Zarafa yesterday.

    I think the most likely explanation is that someone sent this early, and it was meant to be queued for April 1st.
    The only other explanation I can think of is that they essentially want to shut their business down.

    Is anyone here still gonna care about Zarafa if the only thing they support is a Webinterface and Outlook is (at best) on life-support?
    I certainly know that in at least 2 of my 3 Zarafa installations a migration to something else (Zimbra? Exchange?) will be started if they really intend to do that.
    WebApp might be a nice free community project, but for a product that costs money first-class Outlook support is not optional!

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    I received the e-mail also and can not believe it

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    I can't believe it either. We just migrated a 50 User installation and some smaller ones to zarafa and guess what it wasn't because of the web interface. And now outlook support will be cancelled. I'm really worrying about telling this to our customers! They won't be happy...
    I absolutely support anybody's opinion that this will have great impact on zarafa's business... There's probably no need for YAWI (yet another web interface)...

    2015 is starting with bad news!

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    It was in the Partner newsletter...

    What I understood was:
    "In the future Outlook will be supported with ActiveSync instead of MAPI".

    Maybe someone from Zarafa can confirm this.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen / With king regards

    Markus Welters
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    I am sorry to hear that you feel so negative about the announcements.

    As an open source company we check very closely how users are organizing their communication. We see big changes going on in the market. Outlook usage is decreasing since years while WebApp and mobile are becoming very dominant factors. This development is getting faster every year.

    We feel that we have to align our strategy with these big trends. Until today, we spend 75% of our development resources on Outlook. Therefore we are not able to spend as much development time on WebApp and mobile as we would like to spend.

    We have been discussing this with our partners since 2013. On the Zarafa Tour 2014 we have made statements about our plans.

    I think it is honest to tell this in an open way. First and foremost, this allows partners and customers time to evaluate the bigger picture. How do your users want to communicate and share data in the next decennium?

    The next step is to shift development over the next 14 months more and more to WebApp and new mobile apps. We identified WebRTC and HTML5 as the technologies which will help us to build a WebApp which is as good as Outlook and even better. WebApp is the foundation for our goal to become the communication and sharing platform for web and mobile.

    With the upcoming web meetings extension package, users will be able to start video and voice meetings from one interface. It also includes tools such as a presentation mode and screen sharing.

    I can offer you to do an online webcast where I show the new WebApp 2.0 with many new features. I talked to many customers and partners and received very good feedback. Please feel free to contact me about this → hn [at] .

    I understand that someone who is a die hard Outlook fan could be sceptical, but I hope we will convince most of these people in the next 14 months.
    Please be aware that even after Q1 2016, you can use Outlook with the Zarafa platform. But we will not deliver any updates. Your Outlook will continue to work in the state and version as it is in Q1 2016.

    We Zarafians believe very much in the new technologies for web and mobile. We want to be part of that in an active way and not in a reactive way. Companies like RIM/Blackberry showed us what happens if one is too late.

    Helmuth Neuberger, VP at Zarafa

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    "Your Outlook will continue to work in the state and version as it is in Q1 2016. " till Microsoft makes a update which makes shared calenders stop working ;-)

    For my Company installation i can say, in this year we are only extending the subscribtion with Zarafa until 2016 an go for Exchange then...

    And i am sure that Zarafa is loosing many paying customers with this step.

    Cheers Peter
    Debian Wheezy VM
    190 Users

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    Unfortunately WebApp is far away from being a Outlook replacement, I have often cases were Webapp is not sufficient and I need to go back to Outlook. And the most important gap - the offline mode - is not jet announced, far less implemented and ready for a business use.

    I'm sure that our users will not accept to go away from Outlook in 14 month, M$ can be happy to get some customers back.

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    This pretty much kills Zarafa for us too - very disappointing.

    We've been waiting and waiting for ZWS in order to roll out Zarafa to our customers in a hosted environment.

    It's a real pity - Outlook support, elegant architecture and offline support were the real competitive advantages for Zarafa.

    Time to look for another solutions then.


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    My thoughts on the future


    for me Zarafa is much more then just an Outlook server (as I'm using a Linux desktop). In fact, it's only a simple storage for MAPI objects. You need some more pieces of software to get a running server (postfix, mysql, ldap, apache etc.). This gives a lot of options to enhance or adapt the e-mail system to your needs.

    Outlook, on the other hand, is closed stuff and in control of M$. Do you know where they go tomorrow? It seems they're pushing (small) companies into the cloud using office365. In Germany this is a no-go, as companies want to be in control of their data (not to mention the impact of USA/NSA's behaviour).

    It's obvious that Zarafa cannot guarentee any support of any outlook version as they are not in control of this product. There is a standardized interface and Zarafa put a lot of effort in supporting outlook so far. But if M$ builds a new version (in fact another client just with the same name) of outlook connecting only to their cloud services, Zarafa is out of the game. But an exchange alternative would be out of the game, too.

    So I think, this announcement is not saying that they change their business completely, but to prepare (or awake?) people (resellers and customers) that times are changing. The existing outlook versions so far will continue to run (even outlook 2003, which is not supported by exchange anymore) and I'm sure they will put at least some work to keep them running (and M$ at the same time hopefully won't put much work in the old versions to break them).

    The webapp (and still using "old" outlook) is the only answer to an outlook-365 putting your data into the cloud. With webapp Zarafa has a client in the game they fully control.

    And yes, I agree, webapp is not finished yet, but it shows some interesting ideas, that would be hard to achieve with outlook (like z-files). If Zarafa focuses on finishing webapp for daily use this year, that's not so bad news.

    Another point to mention: Any new outlook version will cost new money (actually it's not part of the basic office package). And as money is always an issue (most of our customer's clients are running older version of outlook, even still 2003), the webapp might become indeed a real alternative.


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    Hi Zarafa product team,

    here is another voice from my side stating: this is a No-Go!
    Our subscription ends 08-01-2016. You will loose another (small) customer, but we all here may add up to a significant sum.

    (Unfortunately) Outlook is the major desktop E-Mail Client, whereas the absurdly pushed hype into WebApps and into the cloud will be still rejected in the near future. Please try to explain to road warriors with notebooks how to manage their mails and appointments while being on the road and offline. And no, you CANNOT manage an avg of 3GB of data with HTML5 offline cache! The already mentioned aversion of European businesses for cloud services was already mentioned.

    You should try to ask your customers.

    Best regards,

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