i use the Synology NAS with DSM 5.0-4493 Update 7, Zarafa 0.5.5 and Z-Push 2.1.1-1.

Sync Contacts, Kalender und Mail works fine, but not under iOS 8. Mails with Picures will not be send. A take a view of the Traffic on Port 237and found no Traffic if i send a Mail with Pictures. Mails without a picture works fine. i testet it with iOS 7 an Win8 on Lumia. Mails with Pictures works on both.

iOS 8 seems to have a Problem with the Z-Push, Zarafa and Mails with Pictures. Have anyone an Idea?



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I found the Solution in the Forum.

Disabling mod_spdy under "Web Services/Enable SPDY" and it works with iOS 8.