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Thread: Annoying Log Messages. BUG?

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    Annoying Log Messages. BUG?


    as i wrote in
    There are a lot of Messages that seems to have the wrong Log Level "EC_LOGLEVEL_FATAL".
    I think it should be "EC_LOGLEVEL_INFO" or "EC_LOGLEVEL_NOTICE".

    e.g. (VERS 7.1.11)

    in /spooler/DAgent.cpp on line 2538
    in /spooler/CalDAV.cpp on line 346
    in /provider/server/ECServer.cpp on line 189, 1074, 1216, 1436, 1456

    There are more of this. Can anybody confirm that this is a bug.

    Please excuse my bad English.


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    Hi Tommi,

    This should probably be 'notice' instead of fatal indeed.
    Tickets about logging are already created.

    Thanks for reporting back to us


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