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Thread: The next milestone for WebApp: access to files, and a new HTML editor

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    The next milestone for WebApp: access to files, and a new HTML editor

    Dear partners and friends,

    It’s time for a first beta of the WebApp 2.0. Find out below what’s new and where to get it.

    What’s in?
    This latest WebApp version is the start of extending the groupware experience to other applications. Highlights for these release are:

    A files plugin (for WebDAV enabled storage)
    This plugin enables the access to files in WebApp. A user can now work with his files wherever he goes. This first version features basic functionality. An ownCloud backend and any other default WebDAV backend is supported.

    A new HTML editor
    The editor is now based on TinyMCE 4. This means a better user experience and improved mail layout. The skin is also more in line with the complete application.
    You will find a complete overview in the release notes of all bugs that are resolved:

    Don’t expect a bug free release; the 2.0 brings a lot new features. A lot of resources have been dedicated to (regression) tests in the last weeks. We are now releasing this as a BETA to get more feedback from the community.

    Known issues amongst others are:
    Font style gets messed up when you use backspace at beginning of sentence.
    Clear formatting button in TinyMCE does not work for second time.
    Clear formatting button does not reset the formatting to pre-defined values.

    We are working hard on fixing these known issues. Our goal is to have them ready for a final release.

    How to get it
    You can grab the beta packages here:

    That’s it!
    Once again, thanks for all the feedback and we hope you will have a good experience with the all new WebApp 2.0!

    Kind regards,

    Luc Oversloot

    Zarafa QA
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    I tried with connect to QNAP per standard WEBDAV.
    Without success!

    Is there a possibility to get a example config-files.php for this combination?
    Via webbrowser i have access to the WebDAV-folder! ()


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    Hi rseir,

    We do not provide any WebApp package for community supported systems like QNAP or Synology.

    Please ask in the correct forum thread "Zarafa-on-community-platforms" if someone knows how to update the WebApp on QNAP manually.

    Good luck.

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    You misunderstand me...
    Zarafa is running under CentOS6 (i have an active subscription) as supported Installation 7.1.11!!
    Only my WebDav-Server - to whitch i want to connect - is hosted on a QNAP!


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