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Thread: create bulk users in zarafa

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    create bulk users in zarafa

    Dear All,

    I had zarafa 7.1.2 server using yaffas version 1.3.0-3 quite sometime back which been working perfectly fine.
    i had configured and has been creating users using z-admin and everything works perfect

    now i need to create mass users so i found the wiki

    now when i try to run the script it says

    Unable to create user, action not supported by server

    then i tries using the command as below

    zarafa-admin -c "$username" -e "[email protected]" -f "$firstname $lastname" -p "$password"

    but it still gives me the above message----Unable to create user, action not supported by server.....

    I need to create bulk users have about 300 users in a text file..

    how can i create these users

    appreciate your help



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    Hi Simon,

    the commands you tried are for setups with the MySQL backend. Z-Admin only uses LDAP oder ActiveDirectory, that's why these do not work for you.

    As you said that creating users using the UI works, I assume you are using a local LDAP server.

    In this case you should have a look at how Z-Admin creates the users. Should be in /opt/yaffas/lib/perl5/Yaffas/ The tool being used is smbldap-useradd.

    Kind regards,


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    Dear Christian,

    Thanks a lot for the reply
    really appreciate.
    by the way i have created the users one by one in z-admin since my setup is live.

    also i will try to do it on a test machine

    thanks and really apprecite



    god bless U

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    Dear Christian,

    I did forget to mention to you.. i did check a couple of things

    1) when a do a zarafa-admin -l it list all the users even when i create new users in z-admin

    2) i also recollect tht when i did first start z-admin i had run through the wizard i had used my sql as my database
    and in zadmin under zarafa==>configuration==>mysql settings i have server as local host and database as zarafa

    also under accounts ==>authenitication server ==> current config i see local authentication and also authentication server as no

    so i do recollect now that im using mysql

    would kindly appreciate your help and suggestions



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    Hi Simon,

    Yes, any properly configured Zarafa setup will show the user list with this command, independent of the configured backend (MySQL/LDAP/AD).

    The MySQL options you mention are only related to Zarafa's internal storage, whereas "authentication server" (as named in Z-Admin) is independent of that option.
    "authentication server: no" just means that Z-Admin (or rather the underlying OpenLDAP) will not be available for other servers to authenticate against and it will only be used internally.

    So your account backend is LDAP, which means that my initial suggestions with smbldap-useradd still apply.

    Kind regards,


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    Dear Christian,

    Thanks for your quick reply. really appreciate. honestly i am still a novice in database .. just know a few basics.
    but really appreciate your wise reply..

    i will make a test setup and try as you said since wanna be careful with the production server

    once again a million thnks and GOD bless U



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    dear christian,

    sorry for the delay
    just go tied up with a few things

    i did prepare a new test server and did the following

    i created a user in zadmin and its working fine

    then i used the smbldap to create user
    used the following command to test one user before i could make a batch

    smbldap-useradd user1

    it creates the user but in zadmin GUI in usewr management i see Username the name of the user which is fine
    but rest of the options like name , administrator, store size is empty and store type as none .

    i tried googling arroud and trying other options but when i have options it just gives me error

    Can't call method "get_value" on an undefined value at /usr/sbin/smbldap-useradd line 279.
    wondering where i am going wrong

    regards simon

    appreciate your help

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