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Thread: Encode out of office

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    Encode out of office


    How can I encode special characters in an out of office message?

    I tried every example below, but none of them is working with me:
    $props[PR_EC_OUTOFOFFICE_MSG] = "Spécial chàrs";
    $props[PR_EC_OUTOFOFFICE_MSG] = utf8_encode("Spécial chàrs");
    $props[PR_EC_OUTOFOFFICE_MSG] = u2w(utf8_encode("Spécial chàrs"));
    $props[PR_EC_OUTOFOFFICE_MSG] = iconv("ISO-8859-1", "WINDOWS-1252", "Spécial chàrs");

    Is it possible to post HTML format as an out of office message?

    Thank you.

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    Hi dubbelpunt,

    in Z-Push we do $props[PR_EC_OUTOFOFFICE_MSG] = u2w($oofmessage->replymessage);

    $oofmessage->replymessage comes from the mobile and is UTF-8 encoded string. You might also take a look at Z-Push's u2w function.

    I suggest you to use UTF-8 encoding for your PHP files, that way you basically don't have to do a conversion as ZCP since version 7 supports unicode properties.

    Please do not PM me asking for support. Use the forum instead. Thank you.
    I usually check the mobility thread at the end of the day, so please have some patience if there's no immediate response. Asking to look at certain thread per PM won't result in a faster answer.

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