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Thread: Is it possible to run Zarafa without the PHP mapi extension?

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    Question Is it possible to run Zarafa without the PHP mapi extension?


    Here are two threads which conclude to a current issue with an upgrade from PHP 5.3 to 5.4/5.5 on ClearOS and having Zarafa still functional:

    Upgraded to PHP 5.4.19 and broke zarafa, web, owncloud, etc.

    PHP 5.5 / PHP 5.6 : what is the best way to get on ClearOS 6.x

    Here is error message:

    Not Found: PHP mapi extension not found
    If you have upgraded zarafa, please restart Apache
    Zarafa WebApp can't start because of incompatible configuration.
    Please correct above errors, a good start is by checking your '/etc/php.ini' file.
    Or if you wish, you can disable this config check by editing the file '/usr/share/zarafa-webapp/config.php', but this is not recommend.

    Is it possible to run Zarafa without PHP mapi? (Only web, and no integration with Microsoft Outlook)


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    The webinterfaces unfortunately depend on the php module (as well as the autoresponder and mr-auto-accept). So if you want to run a php version which is different from the distribution default you have to compile it yourself (or maybe lend it from a distribution which ships this version).
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