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Thread: We ask for your feedback on the alpha vesion of Python-Zarafa

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    Lightbulb We ask for your feedback on the alpha vesion of Python-Zarafa

    Hi community,

    We wrote a on our new python bindings recently. This API provides current and future apps easy access to Zarafa data.

    We would like to use the forum to ask you for your preliminary feedback. Experience with the API is not needed at this point. We're curious about your thoughts anyway.

    Your feedback will be used to:

    Let us know!

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    As requested some feedback
    - I like to work with python :-)
    - I used the "old" interface to speak mapi with python. There was a lot or try and error. I am missing detailed documentation and examples
    - So for me it would be nice to have, but not necessary. Priority C.
    - The most important point for me ist stability
    - Last i want to use the API on Linux and Windows, i want to write os independent code :-)


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    hello thomas,

    thanks for your feedback! I'd like to comment on some of your points :-)

    -we love python as well, and hope to create very 'pythonic' bindings to do all sorts of common tasks.
    -we already provide a set of examples on github, and will keep adding more examples as we grow/refactor the API. we also already have sphinx-generated documentation, though this is not yet on github I think.
    -as for stability, unfortunately, the API may still change for the foreseeable future, as we only started work on this 6 months ago, and there are many other priorities. we can stabilize it faster with more feedback though! :-) so please give it a try, and let us know how it goes.
    -we mainly develop this on linux, and would have to check what it would take to enable it on windows. so I put it on my list of things to check, thanks!

    thanks again for the feedback,


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