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Thread: Mobile device management not showing any device

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    Mobile device management not showing any device

    Ticket was created at

    Hey everyone.

    Linux: 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.57-3+deb7u2 x86_64 GNU/Linux
    Zarafa: 7.1.10
    Z-Push: z-push-2.1.2-1873
    Everything is patched up to date

    Today I just discovered that the Webaccess MDM plugin does not show any devices for none of the clients. It worked in the past, but I have to admit, I do not know exactly when it stopped working, since it is luckily not a commonly used feature ;-) Zarafa works, mobile devices can connect via Z-Push, webaccess works, just the MDM section is empty.

    I recieve the following error message. The interesting thing is, that I am logged in into the webaccess site, consequently webaccess is providing some bad credentials.

    Roughly 1-2 years ago there was a problem with my auth system (Kerberos), when Z-Push changed for some reasons to lowername conventions. My auth system (for security reasons) is still checking for uppercase and lowercase correctness. Might this be a sideffect?

    To whom do I address this issue, to Z-Push or Webaccess or the MDM section?

    Help of any kind is welcome.

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    i've the same issue and couldn't resolve it yet, BUT - if you insert in the mobile phone mail account settings instead the "user" the "e-mail" adress - the error does not exist in the z-push.log anymore.
    You can see a new message including a correct device type and devid - this seems correct.

    Maybe they have a parameter mismatch in the Z-Push Version (2.1.3-1892)

    But you will not be able to connect to the ZCP Backend

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    I think this patch should fix the authentication issue. File to patch is plugin.mdm.php
    patch -Np2 -i mdm_login.patch should do the trick (if you are in webaccess-plugins/mdm/ )
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    Hey Jelle.

    Sorry for my late reply. Unfortunately this patch did not work. First I could not patch as described by you. However, I just did it manually. And if I did not make any mistake (The patch does not include so much code ;-)) I just got a white screen in webacces without any errors in the logs. Maybe I have the wrong versions installed, although all of them are up to date (zarafa-webaccess_7.1.11-45875 and mdm should be 2.1 - there is no version number in the source code)???

    Any ideas? Kind regards, Fritz

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    The patch provided at fixed the problem with MDM 2.1 on ZCP 711 for me.

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    Hey Jelle.

    I just wanted to let you know that i retried to install your patch (e.g. I used the above link provided by geegee) and it worked. I only had a tiny problem to patch it via "patch" command. I got the following error:

    However, just entering the file to patch solved the problem. Afterwards everything worked like a charm ;-) Thank you very much!

    Cheers, Fritz

    P.S.: I used zarafa-webaccess_7.1.11-45875 and z-push-2.2.0-1934.

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    patch code provided here

    Let's make sure that everyone can find the patch in the future too.
    Here are the contents of the file linked two messages above:

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    The patch IMHO should use rtrim(..., "\0") rather trim() otherwise leading or trailing spaces might be removed as well, see also my for WebAccess itself.
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