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Thread: Resolve Zarafa type sender and recipients before calling Python plugins

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    Resolve Zarafa type sender and recipients before calling Python plugins

    I was trying to use the Python disclaimer plugin provided by Zarafa (to attach a disclaimer on outgoing mail) and change it to attach a different disclaimer, based on the sender's e-mail domain. However the address of the sender (and recipients) is prodvided as a Zarafa number (PR_ADDRTYPE=ZARAFA).

    This would mean I will have to look up the corresponding e-mail address from the Zarafa addressbook in the Python plugin, get the domain and attach the correct disclaimer.

    After running the Python plugins, the Spooler will also look up each e-mail address in the addressbook, to be able to send it to the MTA.

    It would be a lot easier (and efficient) to have the Spooler convert all ZARAFA type sender and recipient e-mail addresses before calling the Python plugin(s).

    Please contact me if you need more information.

    Kind regards,
    Ivo van Geel.

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    hello ivo,

    yeah, it's a bit painful to have to use MAPI, but perhaps the following would allow you to proceed?

    service_admin = store.QueryInterface(IID_IECServiceAdmin)
    ecuser = service_admin.GetUser(props[0].Value, 0)
    domain = ecuser.Email.split('@')[1]

    we are working on a higher-level python interface above MAPI atm, which will hopefully make these kinds of things trivial, but it may be some time before this is stable, let alone accessible from a plugin.

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