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Thread: rules & filters

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    rules & filters

    The rules & filters are very...limiting I can only forward/redirect etc what I'd like to be possible:

    * if a subject contains * mark thread as read or maybe set a flag colour etc. Things that thunderbird/outlook can do you cannot do in webapp and would be a nice addition to improve userbility in the webmail client.
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    Talking about filters:

    I already wrote it , but I think it fits in here as well:

    I would love to be able to filter my mails by custom headers such as "Envelope-To". Is there any chance this will be implemented in the WebApp?


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    Same here.

    I think would be a great addition to Zarafa as a whole and the Webapp specifically.

    In Kerio, they had a little GUI(similar to the one currently in the WebApp) and a button leading to a text editor, which allowed advanced configuration with the sieve language.

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    Sieve would be awesome (voting for it hereby), but I am heavily in doubt that this will ever happen because it is technically far away from MAPI where Zarafa is based on.
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    I would also vote for better rules & filters. It's hard to tell users that they not longer need Outlook, but the functionality is only available client based.

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    +1 also from me

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    +1 from me
    +1 from one of my biggest customers
    +1 from another customer company
    +1 from a third customer

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