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Thread: 7.1.10 BETA1 is available

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    7.1.10 BETA1 is available

    They say that the month of May brings with it new celebrations of life: warmer weather, blooming flowers and lots of new opportunities.

    In a similar mood, we are excited to announce the latest . This is a first glimpse at the many fixes and improvements as we quickly move forward to the final version.

    The next step in Zarafa’s compatibility to Outlook
    The biggest news is the upcoming completion of ZCP’s ‘Automatic Outlook patching mechanism’). Outook is a rather popular fat client at many Zarafa customers. Small groups of heavy users depend on such desktop applications.
    The mechanism provides a seamless on-the-fly integration with newer Outlook updates and ensures backward compatibility. This also works flawlessly with the Windows 8 secure boot.

    Bugs, security patches and more
    Next to the big new feature above, we also took care on many smaller things. I’ve summed up most of it for you:

    The next releases
    Note that there are two known issues which are nearly finished but due to time constraints we were unable to include, namely:

    We hope to include these fixes in the next beta. So until then have fun with this beta, enjoy the month of May and hang on to your hats.

    Kiffin Gish
    Development and Release Management

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    This sounds great I just have two questions regarding this update:

    Auto outlook patching: Does this include people use SBE or do you need professional version and above?
    Click2Run outlook 2013: Do you mean this will be out in BETA 2 or will be avilable in zarafa 7.1.11 etc?
    IT Engineer,
    ClearOS 5.2, Zarafa 7.1.x
    ClearOS 6.5, Zarafa 7.1.10-7.2.x

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    this sounds nice.

    But is it possible to get a i386 for Ubuntu 14.04 build too?


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