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Thread: Always auto-complete, no 'check names'

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    Question Always auto-complete, no 'check names'


    I've never understood why Microsoft introduced the 'check names' feature for finding e-mail addresses, which apparently also found its way into Zarafa WebApp, instead of just auto-completing everything.

    Can it be configured such that it autocompletes your entire address book, not just recently e-mailed contacts? suggests the current behaviour is the only option:

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    The current behavior of the Zarafa WebApp is as follows:

    - Check names: the string provided in the recipient field can be 'checked' i.e. completed by the use of the check names functionality. This can be triggered by either selecting the appropriate button or by pressing the 'enter' button. Currently this action is also triggered automatically when switching context or when moving the focus to a field other than a recipient field. The check names action uses contacts which appear in your address book, meaning they mostly come from a global address list and your local contacts folder(s). If the string only matches a single address, it will be auto-completed upon triggering the check names action.
    - Suggestions: the string provided in the recipient field is compared to e-mailaddresses which you have sent e-mails to prior the mail item you are creating. This is done without the use of your address book. All addresses matching the string you inserted are displayed in a suggestion list, directly below the inserted string. This is not the same as auto-completion as the address is only completed by manually selecting the address in the suggestions list. Only if the string shows a single suggestion, this suggestion is already selected, which means that pressing 'enter' will just insert the selected address. This looks a lot like auto-completion, but it is something entirely different as mails are not completely automatically, but merely suggested to a user.

    You mention that you want your entire address book to be autocompleted, which is not possible if a string matches multiple addresses, hence the use of the check names functionality and suggested contacts. The use of a check names functionality as well as a suggestions functionality has been implemented for various reasons.

    If you mean that you want your whole address book to be part of the suggestions functionality, then the following ticket matches your wishes:

    Thank you for feedback.



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    That's what I meant

    A colleague and me once made an SQL-to-LDAP gateway to provide such a functionality in Thunderbird. Even with an address database of about 1000 people, this works quite well.

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    I also miss the auto complete feature searching the addressbook when begin typing in the To: fileld in webapp.
    Any news on this?


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    is not reachable any more and autocomplete still not works in WebApp
    Is this forum still active for Kopano reports?

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    I can reach that jira ticket (while not being logged in).
    For kopano reports you can use the kopano forum.



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    Hello Martyn,

    thanks für your reply!

    Can't read the jira ticket, I got:

    You don't have permission to access /browse/WA-6563 on this server.

    So it seems not to be public.

    And what about the autocomplete feature?


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